2015 in Review & Plans for 2016

Thought I’d take this opportunity to briefly summarise 2015 and explain my game plan for 2016. I started this blog in July last year, roughly six months ago and have since written 35 articles over a number of topics. Over this time, I’ve developed two particularly keen interests. The first is the topic of death and the influence of Western culture on how we perceive it. I’ve written 13 articles on this subject so far and expect I’ll be writing more in 2016.

The second major concept I developed an interest in (that I’m yet to write about) is what I’m calling the Amelioration Project (still debating the name). Put simply, this is my understanding of a global utopic society. It is the fantasy of a perfect civilisation and the differences between this regime and the current world we live in. Of course, the idea of a perfect society is laughable but the concept is to design something that doesn’t have the gaping holes our current society has; somewhere there is minimal suffering.

I plan on writing books on both of these topics. This year however, I want to have completed at least an initial draft of ‘Death’ (placeholder name for later). The following year I’d like to have completed the book and have self-published it. I’ll also be studying a Bachelor of Arts full-time at UQ, extended major in philosophy, minoring in linguistics.

Since I’ll be spending a lot of time reading as well as writing this book, I intend on writing fewer general blog articles this year. I’ll do my best to keep the blog updated at least once a fortnight but hopefully weekly depending on uni workload.

And finally, I want to thank everyone who has read any of my posts. I’ve received some excellent feedback and appreciate the support I received throughout 2015.

That’s all for now. Happy new year!

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