The Most Profound Experience Known to Mankind

We’re often told of the benefits of travelling to foreign lands and immersing ourselves in different cultures to grow as a person and “see what’s out there”. Experiencing life, they call it.

I never really understood the appeal of this wanderlust. I find the entire concept of travelling to be a somewhat watered-down way to extract meaning from life. Don’t get me wrong, traveling is beneficial and you will learn a lot from it.

But imagine that you wanted to do something, experience something truly awe inspiring, something so incredible and jaw-dropping, so powerful and life changing – is the best answer we have to this to travel to Europe and walk around a museum? If you wanted desperately to experience the vivacity of colour, you wouldn’t watch a black and white television show.

I’ve always been of the position that the experiences we learn the most from are far more absurd than merely frolicking through popular tourist destinations and documenting your entire escapade on Instagram. And today I want to talk briefly about quite possibly the greatest absurdity of them all: dimethyltryptamine.

Undoubtedly the most absurd thing about DMT is that the vast majority of people in the world don’t know anything about it. Only a tiny fraction of humankind have ever encountered DMT, which is arguably the single most profound experience a human being can have… How can something so extraordinary be so esoteric?

This post isn’t about describing the DMT experience, it’s not about awareness, and it’s not about advocacy. This post is about the importance of DMT to understanding the very nature of our existence. I believe DMT could be a gateway to furthering our understanding of metaphysics, human consciousness, and neuroscience.

If smoked, the entire DMT experience, start to finish, lasts just a few minutes. If a large enough dosage is taken, during these few minutes, you’re transported to a place in which you encounter “entities”. People have attempted to describe these entities in a number of different ways: aliens, ancestors, guides, and even self-transforming elf-machines. These beings will often attempt to communicate with you and many people refer to them as “helpers”. What they are isn’t important. What is important is the repeatability of this phenomenon.

There is a hidden dimension teeming with beings or entities unlike anything we’ve ever seen before accessible by anyone at any time. DMT is the vehicle that will take you there.

Imagine a time machine that could transport you back and forth to a world where dinosaurs existed. Imagine discovering this machine. It would be the single most talked about event in the history of humankind. And yet, DMT is that machine, only instead of taking you to some sort of prehistoric “Dinotopia” in which you find dinosaurs, you’re transported into a completely different dimension with completely alien inhabitants, neither of which language can describe. And yet no one bats an eyelid.

Imagine what we could learn from these entities… Imagine what we could learn about ourselves and our own cosmic significance if this experience was embraced by society and researched instead of squandered by legalities and red tape.

It is perfectly legal to jump out of a plane with a parachute. People do this to experience the thrill, to experience the profound. What a pity it is that, outside of shamanic circles, the thrill of the DMT experience is currently sequestered ever so slightly out of reach, beneath the stigma of illegality and misinformation. What a pity it is that so many have gone through life never to experience the single most confounding experience known to man.

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