A Few More Thoughts on Reincarnation

The only experience we have is via our own ego; how my brain experiences things, how my eyes see the things around us. I don’t know what you see or think. Because of this, when asked, “is there life after death?” – our answer is, I don’t know. Because our individual experience stops at that point. And that’s all we’ve ever known!

It’s incredibly likely that we fundamentally misunderstand the difference between someone else and ourselves. The simple answer to the above question is “yes, obviously”. When someone dies, someone else will be born. People are being born all the time. Where we get confused is whether it’s possible for the ego (or spirit, perhaps) of the person who just died, that particular entity, to resume living in another lifetime.

I keep going on about life and death and reincarnation theories and similar things because I think it’s really important in determining how we, as people, should live our lives. If we knew for certain that once you die, you will come back to life and it goes on and on, would we choose a less conservative approach to life? If we knew this lifetime was the only one we got and we must cherish it, how should we live it?

In any case, I believe Western society is now in a place where we believe we are all separate entities having completely separate experiences from one another and that we can’t reasonably amalgamate or extinguish these entities at any point in the course of time. This, I think, is fundamentally very wrong and differs from what is most likely the case.

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