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About Me

I think we’ve all had a really intense feeling before. It’s the feeling you get when you find yourself in deep contemplation of the strangeness of it all. We’ve all wondered why there is something rather than nothing and how incredibly bizarre this particular set of circumstances is.

Most people have this thought but never really pursue it, which I find really strange. I find it strange and maybe a little sad that we’re all so caught up in what’s going on that we never stop to really wonder why. We’re all so busy living and surviving that we get caught up in it all and forget to question why we do what we do.

I’m a little different in that I fundamentally resist this notion. I wonder constantly about the impossible questions as well as the more obvious ones that we don’t bother to ask. I created this blog to encourage other people to do the same.

Below is an unordered list of things that are central to me and might be recurring themes throughout my blog.

  • Perspectivising – Having the ability to see things that may be concealed to those who are close-minded seems like an obscure passion but I think is something absolutely central when questioning political, philosophical, and spiritual topics.
  • Society – I think we should question the societal system we live in. If the number one priority for humankind is happiness (if it’s not, it ought to be), why have we inculcated a society whereby suffering is rife and happiness so difficult to attain?
  • Spirituality – This is something I think is in danger of being repudiated by our current societal paradigm. It seems as though today if you’re overtly spiritual, you risk being labeled as a drugged up hippie or a crazy religious fundamentalist. I believe spirituality, if done properly, can be a hugely beneficial thing.
  • Hallucinogens – I believe anyone who is interested in studying the nature of consciousness or the relationship between mind and body should work closely with hallucinogens. At the very least they should consider the works of those who have (e.g. Terence McKenna).
  • Death – This is a topic I’m hugely passionate about. I think if we can study the relationship between life and death and learn more about how death works, we can devise an optimal way to live our lives. E.g. if you knew you’d be reincarnated, you might choose to live your life differently than if you knew you had only one life.
  • Consciousness – Pretty similar to the above. If we can understand more about consciousness, the essence of life and existence, we might be able to live more meaningful lives.
  • Political and economic science – Politics, I don’t really care much for. But the systems and philosophy involved in the construction of any political regime – that’s something I’m passionate about. I think in many economies, there is huge design flaws that can be rectified easily. I think the problem with current political environments isn’t necessarily the politicians themselves, but the underlying values we currently promote within society. Politics often cops the blame but in actuality, the problem lies within our culture and how we live our lives.
  • Psychology and psychoanalysis – I’m interested in the human mind and how it works so naturally I have a desire to learn about psychological topics.
  • Evolution and animals – Animals, I think, are interesting subjects for us to study. They’re the only non-human subjects we can analyse to make lead way on topics such as consciousness. Evolution is the governing system of development or progress or change of organisms and is therefore of central concern to many metaphysical topics.

There’s definitely a lot of other areas I’d like to bring up, but those are the main ones I expect to be writing about on this blog.