Past Life Memories

This topic is something I’ve been very interested in for a few years now. The idea is that children, typically aged between three and five years, have very vivid recollections from a previous life.

Now if this was a one-off thing, I’d be the first person to dismiss it as hogwash, but it’s not. There are literally thousands of cases of young children sharing past life memories. Because of the sheer number of accounts, it would only seem reasonable to take such an outrageous concept seriously.

Past life regression therapy is a form of hypnosis that seemingly allows people beyond the age of six or seven (when children typically forget their past lives) to remember.

I’ve long wanted to study these cases in more detail. To me it seems impossible for each one of these cases to be completely fabricated stories. It may even be close to impossible for these children to attest to often very accurate connections between two lives.

Below are a couple of videos I suggest everyone who has an interest in this watch. These are some of the more interesting cases I’ve come across. I do plan on writing more about this topic in the future but may shift it upward on my agenda if you’d like to hear more about what this could mean.


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