Society Doesn’t Want You To Be Happy

Our culture has created a paradigm which fundamentally impedes our ability to be happy. Our species has grown frantic toward the notion of happiness – it is slowly becoming taboo. No longer is happiness central to our personal agendas, but quite the opposite. Simply put, being happy has become a burden to society. We see it as a hindrance to progression, as stagnation. If we’re just being happy, we’ve given up on aspirations for future success and have therefore become complacent. We have skillfully managed to convince ourselves that we should keep busy today and abstain from pleasure for hopes of a larger net reward in the future. We fail to recognise that happiness can only manifest in the present.

What a tragic delusion this is!

I’ve written before about the pursuit of happiness and I’ve stood by the notion that happiness is the only thing we ought to seek in life. But this is just the problem: we’re always seeking. You cannot seek something and appreciate having it at the same time. The sooner we realise the implications of this dichotomy, the sooner we can work on a solution to the problem.

I have a particular affliction with the whole notion of working nine to five. It is absolutely ludicrous that we still embrace such a rudimentary system. Most people loath their vocation because it is inherently unpleasant but do it anyway in order to survive. And no, I’m not going to tell everyone they should follow their hearts and pursue a career path they’re passionate about. My agenda is far more perspicacious. The fallacy here lies not in what our vocation is but in the division of time we allot to it. We’re told that we have freedom but is working thirty to forty hours a week really so liberating? Just because we voluntarily inflict such loathing upon ourselves, this certainly isn’t indicative of any such freedom.

So what can we do about it? I have some suggestions. Firstly, we should realise just how much folly was required to empower the societal constructs of our culture. We need to laugh at how vacuous our culture really is and we need to awaken to the delusion it promotes. Secondly, we should realise that society is just as unyielding and rigid as it looks. We can’t ameliorate society by tacitly opposing its agenda. Instead, we need to boycott society by snubbing the delusions it foists upon us every day. We need to learn not to sacrifice this moment for the forthcoming moment because this vista will perpetuate.

I won’t claim to have all the answers but my goal today is to simply bring the issue to your attention. This isn’t some petty act of rebellion against The Man either. To many of us, it may not feel like there is any problem at all! But next time you’re basking in the enervation of your life, next time you’re questioning your incessant dissatisfaction, remember this article.


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