The Soul Paradox

I’m going to debunk the myth of reincarnation today. I’m want to prove it’s impossible as we currently understand it.

I’ll firstly define the parameters for this system of belief. “One will believe that when they die, their spirit will leave their body and reincarnate in a newborn baby“. This is impossible.

This newborn baby will soon grow up and become an adult. Sooner or later, it’ll consider the same theory of reincarnation. At what point does this person receive it’s own soul? Wasn’t it your soul reincarnated after you had died? Does this mean we’re, essentially, all hand-me-down souls? Am I actually some dead Korean guy who happened to believe in reincarnation? Or is there an undefined point in time at which I develop my own soul? Does it fight off the existing reincarnated soul? Soul wars?

I think this is hardly likely. I think people just haven’t put much thought into the parameters by which a “soul” should operate. Frankly, I think the concept of a “soul” is just a poorly thought-out excuse for our culture fearing death and the idea of no longer existing.

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