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My Story & Mission

I built my first niche site at the age of 10…

Young Harvey

As a youngin’, I dreamed of one day dunking a basketball, so I created a blog about exactly that…

I even wrote a 30-something page eBook explaining how athletes can increase their vertical jump!

The issue was… that I was 10 years old… so I didn’t exactly know how to deal with payment processors and I had no idea how to get people to read my blog…

I didn’t have a clue what SEO was.

Fast forward 17 years and I now have a blog in the exact same niche: teaching athletes how to jump higher.

Nowadays, I’m doing a much better job of monetizing that childhood obsession too, with that niche site now bringing in north of $10k per month (profit).

Early Business Results

The coolest part was that I built that site from scratch in only about 18 months.

That was my first ‘real’ attempt at a site too!

Beginner’s luck? Maybe.

But I was absolutely obsessed with the process, learning and absorbing as much about SEO and blogging as humanly possible.

The next site I started after that was an even crazier success because I only wrote about 100 articles on that blog over the course of 4 months…

I let it sit and about 8 months later it sold for almost $100k profit.

That’s almost $1k profit per article! From just 4 months of work!

Having been at this for years, I now know these results are repeatable… which is why it pains me to see people stuck earning so little, chasing their tails, and becoming frustrated with their results…

That’s why I created The Niche Whisperer Newsletter, so I can share everything I’ve learnt about what it actually takes to build successful blogs… in months, not years.

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