I’m Harvey Meale

Former international level elite athlete, professional health and fitness coach, and passionate writer specializing in a variety of fields including elite performance, training research, and volleyball.

I’m Harvey Meale

Founder Of VolleyballVault.com

Volleyball Vault is where I publish a huge variety of articles surrounding the sport of volleyball. As a former international level volleyballer, I am able to bring a unique depth of knowledge and experience to my writing.

Vertical Jump Training

One of my passions adjacent to volleyball is vertical jump training which I've been studying for over 10 years. I've written extensively on this subject at JumpStronger.com.

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Vertical Jump Training

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What Makes Me A Great Writer?

Not only have I been writing regularly for over 10 years, but I specialize in writing for the web with wide ranging skills in SEO, affiliate marketing, and conversion optimization.

On-Page SEO Abilities

I understand what attributes allow articles to generate large amounts of organic traffic. All of my articles are keyword optimized using Surfer and formatted for the best possible user experience.

Formatting For User Experience

I treat each article like an individual work of art. Not only does it have to be well written but it needs to be visually appealing... Simple to digest and navigate, loaded with information, and absolutely no fluff.

My Writing Converts

I have years of experience writing high converting affiliate marketing articles that not only provide real value to the user but also produce exceptional results for their respective publications.