About Me – Writer & Athlete

I’m an Australian writer who’s been living the digital nomad life in Thailand for the last four years.

When I’m not working out in the gym, I’m writing either on my own publication at VolleyballVault.com or for someone else as a guest author.

I research and write about a wide variety of topics but most recently my efforts have been focused around the subject of volleyball.

Harvey Meale

Prior to obsessing over volleyball content, I wrote extensively about the fascinating world of vertical jump training. As an elite volleyballer, I needed to figure out how to jump higher so I could be more competitive.

I ended up starting a blog at JumpStronger.com where I’d share my research to help educate others with similar goals to me.

Having trained almost every day of my life for the past ten years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work out in some of the most advanced exercise facilities in Australia as part of several national level high performance programs.

I’ve learnt from top tier, world-class coaches and through my writing aim to share my experiences with as many people as possible.

Background, Skills, & Qualifications

Earlier in my career, I was part of the Volleyball Australia Elite Development Program and trained at both the Queensland Academy of Sport as well as the Australian Institute of Sport.

I toured as part of the national team to places like Iran, Thailand, New Zealand, and more.

After my career as a volleyballer, I coached athletes in numerous sports and I’ve been pursuing my passion for educating others by writing for various blogs for the past ten years.

I am now solely focused on developing VolleyballVault into one of the leading blogs online.

What Can I Do For You?

I’m looking for other online publications who’d like to receive really excellent content hand tailored to their editorial needs.

I’m able to bring value to your publication by producing content I’m sure you will agree is of a superior standard to most freelance writers, even the ones with experience in the fitness world.

My current depth of knowledge of a variety of subjects is higher than most and my ability to research is one of my strongest skills. I am highly adaptable to a variety of tones and styles of writing.

I’m also adept when it comes to SEO and on-page optimization. One of my strongest skills is formatting posts for maximum affiliate conversions and I have a wealth of experience writing for commercial intent topics.

I will graciously accept all kinds of writing assignments that fall under the fitness umbrella and I’m also happy to pitch subjects that’ll allow my expertise to shine through.

I’ll be looking to produce at least 3-4 articles per week for those who’ll have me.

Get In Touch

I’m currently looking to build as many relationships with high quality publications as possible.

Whether that means joining your team as an unpaid staff writer, guest author, or consultant, I’m available to start contributing where you need me most.

I’m here to produce value for you. In exchange, you’ll be helping me generate awareness about my own publication. I’m not looking for financial compensation for my services at this time.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or we can even jump on a Skype call to discuss how I can be of service to you!